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EA Not Dropping UK Game Prices

EA is the biggest game publisher on earth, so it's no surprise they dominated the UK video games industry last year. Super-popular franchise names like FIFA and Need for Speed secured top spots on the charts for most of 2006, and this success has paid off for the consumer. EA has been slashing prices in the U.S. like mad, which means they just might do the same for the UK...then again, maybe not.

One EA representative has unfortunately confirmed through industry trade magazine MCV that the UK won't get the same generous treatment. "There will be no pricing policy changes in the UK," the rep said, which might allow EA's competitors to rest easy, but cause European gamers to cringe.

Here in the U.S., EA has knocked $10 off many of their new titles, and that includes their Xbox 360 sports titles, like Madden NFL 07, FIFA 07, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Perhaps you didn't realize it, but these hot games boast a very reasonable price tag of only $39.99. Last-gen titles are also dropping like a stone; The Godfather and Fight Night Round 3 are only $19.99, for example.

But while sales have certainly been strong in the UK, it doesn't appear as if EA is going to give them the benefit of lower prices.

1/19/2007  Ben Dutka 

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